thanks for following me while you did, i know im annoying and a shitty person at best but i still appreciate yall. 

i’ve only now come to find out hat my wig glue is all dried up so theres that

if anyone has anything they were ever too shy to ask or w/e now would be the time to spit it out. 

You're absolutely BEAUTIFUL in every single way, INSIDE and OUT! <3 :)

not really


maybe tomorrow

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The whole deliberately not hiring models that aren't white thing is garbage and it's the exact same shit ASOS pulls. They have like one really dark, full black girl on their site and they are always dressing her up in hideous, unflattering-clothes like she's a token. It's something I've tried to draw attention to multiple times now, but equally the concept of somebody not being allowed to wear a specific type of clothing because of their heritage is also garbage.


Um no, it’s not garbage. To dress up a white girl like she’s a chola is fucking bullshit. They do this on purpose, they dressed up this white girl like this because they wanted the aesthetic of this culture without using any of the people, because it’s okay to take from us and use our clothes like a costume, but to have an actual poc, represent who they are, somehow is offensive, because we are considered offensive. It’s much more palpable to white people when our shit is watered down and flatted for their comfort that we become a one dimensional caricature of ourselves so they don’t have to see poc as people but as a joke they wrote and we are the punch line. 

thought i lost my cute but i found it

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