queen dood


Uh guys.. ya missed one..

let them eat my ass

i want to have an oc named honey and then her nickname is attila the hun

Isnt it a hassle to wear a wig everyday?

mm a bit my my mentality is im gonna sweat n get tired i might as well look cute while doing it. and i don’t work 7 days i work 3 or 4 days a week usually with a day off in between so my bod can rest (lots of lifting and running around).

Can we see you without makeup?

(forgot about this, sorry) 



this lady continues to tell me that “well you made the choice to be fat, so this is the kind of stuff you have to put up with, this is why obesity is such a problem, because no one wants to take accountability”


and i proceeded to correct her—

i am a respite care worker, meaning i take care of children with special needs and sometimes that includes having to actually lift them up and move them to other places if they’ve fallen asleep or hurt themselves playing etc

one of my kids is like 130lbs, i can sling that kid over my shoulder in one swoop and take him where i need to go and then ANOTHER one of my kids is 215 and i can lift the boy over my head and carry him on my back without a problem

NOT TO MENTION that my mom and i chop wood together in the backyard, i work with wood in my sculpture classes, i do yoga and AND i walk back about a mile from my house to the bus stop and back twice daily PLUS i don’t even eat often let alone eat unhealthy often 

even if i did it wouldn’t matter because i am ALLOWED to be fat and even if it WAS my choice, that doesn’t mean i’m less deserving of anything else 

FUCK thinsplaining assholes

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